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Frequently Asked Questions

Dear customer, for your convenience and knowledge, we have listed few important questions that are the most common queries while buying properties in Turkey. We hope that in these questions, we will be able to cover your doubts. In case there is anything else you need to know, you can connect with us via email and we would be pleased to resolve your query.

1.What documentation will I need to buy property in Turkey?

This is the most common question that a foreign buyer asks. The answer is that you only need your passport as the documentation to buy a property in Turkey.

2.Is it necessary to be a Turkish citizen to be able to buy a property in Turkey?

No, even non-citizens and non residents can buy property in Turkey. There is no such law that prohibits foreign residents from buying properties in Turkey.

3.Do I need a visa before entering Turkey?

Yes, having a visa is a must before you enter Turkey. However, this can be obtained at the immigration at the airports once you have arrived in Turkey.

4.When does my normal visitor's visa expire?

As per the law, a visitor’s visa allows any non-citizen to stay for 3 months in Turkey.

5.Is it possible to extend the validity of my visitor’s visa?

Yes, obtaining a residency visa for a longer term is possible. However, this will not be possible at the immigration once you have arrived in Turkey. Your local Turkish Embassy, prior to travelling to Turkey, can give you a visa for a period of up to one year.

Alternatively, you can opt to make a visit to a Greek Island towards the end of your 3 month period, and get a new visa which will again be valid for 3 months on re-entry to Turkey.

6.Can I get a mortgage sanctioned to finance my purchase in Turkey?

Yes, as per the new amendments in law, Foreign Nationals are now eligible to finance their property purchase in Turkey through a bank mortgage. However, this will also depend on the type of property you wish to buy in Turkey. We can give you better details about this once you contact us. 

7.Do I need to register for Tax in Turkey if I own a property in Turkey?

Yes, you do have to register for tax in Turkey. However, this is an extremely simple procedure and we will be able to guide you through this.

8.Am I eligible to get a house and contents insurance in Turkey?

Yes, there are several renowned local and international insurance companies in Turkey that deal in building and contents insurance.

9.Are there any restrictions or prohibitions for a non-citizen to purchase properties in Turkey?

There are no restrictions or prohibitions on buying a property in Turkey when it comes to developed areas. Though, there are some laws when you buy a property in rural areas or military zones.

10.Are freehold properties available for purchase?

 Yes, all properties in Turkey sold by us at ‘Buy Properties in Turkey’ are classed as 'Freehold'

11.Can I rent my property in Turkey?

Yes, you can rent your property on your own or you can give us the opportunity to serve you.

12.Can I open a bank account?

Yes, you need to take a tax number from the Turkish tax office. Our after sales services include this service.

13.Will I be able to sell my property in Turkey and take the sale proceeds out of Turkey?

Yes, you are allowed to sell your property, rent your property, or will your property.

14.Can I ship my furniture to my new residence in Turkey?

Yes, you can. However, this will be an expensive procedure as you can simply buy new furniture in Turkey at cheaper cost.

15.Do I have to pay an annual tax on my property just like any other Turkish citizen?

Yes, with all the privileges of a citizen, you also have to fulfill the liabilities of buying properties in Turkey. The amount of tax is calculated on the value of your property.

16.Can I get a residents permit?

Yes, while you are in the procedure of buying property in Turkey, you can apply for a resident permit.

17.How many properties can I buy in Turkey?

There is no restriction as regards the number of properties you can buy in Turkey.

18.Am I safe in Turkey?

Yes, the crime rate is not too high in Turkey. But like any other country, you must always take care.

19.Will I get after sales service from ‘Buy Properties in Turkey’?

Yes, we would be pleased to serve you.

20.Is there any mortgage system made especially for foreigners to purchase property in Turkey?

At this time, there is no such availability. But this will be shortly overcome when the mortgage will be available through English banks.

21.Why “Buy Properties in Turkey”?

‘Buy Properties in Turkey’ is approved by the A.I.P.P. and has 7 years of history behind it. We deal in all kinds of properties and you will not be disappointed while dealing with us.

22.Does ‘Buy Properties in Turkey’ offer inspection trips?

Yes, we do. It includes Flight + Transfer + Accommodation.

23.Does ‘Buy Properties in Turkey’ hold exhibitions?

‘Buy Properties in Turkey’ exhibits across England/Norway/Sweden and Germany.

24.Is it necessary to get Earthquake insurance?

Earthquake insurance has now become compulsory in Turkey. It does not matter if you are a citizen or not, if you own a property in Turkey, you have to get earthquake insurance.

25.Can I get my house insured in Turkey?

Yes, you can. Now content and house insurance are available at affordable rates in Turkey.

26.Will I have any language gaps while communicating in Turkey?

No. Most Turkish people speak English, especially in the tourist areas, so this will not be an issue. When you deal with us, a member of our team will be able to communicate in your language.

27.Can I take my pets with me to Turkey?: Yes, you can.

28.Can I take my car to Turkey? Yes. However, we do not recommend it as it is an expensive procedure.


29.Can I buy a property in my name?

Yes, as per the amendments in 2002, British citizens can now hold title-deed and can buy property in their own name.

​30.Is my property likely to increase in value if Turkey joins the EU?

Yes, when this takes place, your property is highly likely to increase in price.

31.Is there any property tax levied?

Yes, a small amount is charged by Didim Council.

32.What are the annual maintenance charges?

Although, this purely depends on the size of your property, still a rough estimate could lie in between 300-500 Euros, annually.

33.What do I pay maintenance charges for?

Maintenance charges are completely reasonable and we charge you for the pool expenses, gardening, reception and security. Individual complexes might need extra services including Bus, Gym, and Children’s play area.

34.Does Turkey offer a medical service to foreign residents?

There is no such service as of now. However, you can pay for private health insurance giving you the right to use the private hospitals. There are English-speaking doctors in Turkey.

35.How one can pay the water and electricity bills?

Like any other place, electricity and water bills are sent to each resident on a fixed interval. For the payment, you can set up the facility of direct debit from your bank account.

36.Is my property taken care of when I am not in Turkey?

Yes. We give security which is available 24 hours of the day. If you are not in your apartment, we can check them for you on demand.

37.How long will it take to transfer the title-deed to the buyer’s name?

Approximately 3 days, if the property is not in the military limited zones.

38.What deposit do I need to secure my purchase?

Minimum 2500 Euros deposit will secure your property purchase.

39.Do you provide a lawyer? And if so, what are the charges?

Yes, we provide a lawyer and a translator for 220 Euros, as fee.

40.Are there any other charges while purchasing properties in Turkey?

The transfer of the title-deed will start at 200 Euros, depending on the size of the property.The water and electricity meters will cost 250 Euros for each connection.

41.Is it prohibited to hold more than one property in Turkey?

No, there is no such limit.  


42.Can you – ‘Buy Properties in Turkey’ - rent our property on our behalf?

 Yes, we can. We rent your property on your behalf and charge professional fees of 15% as commission, including handling and reservation charges.


43.Can we apply for permanent residency once we buy the property?

No. You must apply for a residency visa before your visitor’s visa expires.

44.What is the best way to travel to and from England/Norway/Sweden and Germany?

There are frequent flights departing from the England/Norway/Sweden and Germany to Turkey. The prices can vary with the season, you choose to travel. Prices can start from as low as 90 to 300 Euros return, during summers. During the winter months, your travel can be scheduled with Turkish Airlines.
As regards the choice of the airports, it depends on your destination of arrival. Accordingly, schedule the one that is nearest to your destination.


45.Is life in Turkey better than England/Norway/Sweden and Germany?

Yes, Turkey is more affordable than England/Norway/Sweden and Germany.

46.Are the winter months cold?

There is a Mediterranean climate in most cities of Turkey, but the winters are cold and bearable.


47.Can I buy furniture at reasonable prices?

From the local village, you can buy everything to furnish your home. You will find the prices that will fit in your budget.

48.How long can we expect to wait for the delivery of our furniture?

Usually, it is delivered the same day. But sometimes due to stock shortages, you might have to wait for a few days.  


49.Who inherits our property if one of us dies?

The Turkish law does not specifically define as to whom the property should go. But in case of death, it is transmitted to the next member of the family accordingly. However, it is important to take legal assistance on such matters.

50.Are the local Turkish people welcoming?

Yes. Turkish people are very warm and welcoming to visitors. We would love to have you in our country.

51.Is tap water drinkable?

We recommend that you drink bottled water, which is available everywhere and is very cheap. Tap water may not suit everyone.

52.Can we install satellite TV?

Yes, you can easily install a satellite TV. Though, you do not have to pay for any television license, you will have to pay for the satellite box.

53.What voltage is the electricity?: 220 volts

54.Is the water bill expensive?

Water bills are affordable as most of our sites have good water, and you pay for the sewage charges only.

55.Is public transport affordable?: Yes. The local dolmus (minibus) charges 2-3 Lira, anywhere in Turkey.

56.If my friends and relatives come over to my property in my absence, how will they get there from the airport?

We will pick them and drop them to the doorstep, if you give us the details.


To ensure a pleasant life for our valued investors and residents, here are some basic details you might need to know.

  • The suppliers of the electricity is “Turk Elektrik Koruma”, which is a state-run entity. You get the facility to pay your bills through direct debit, through any of your bank’s local branch.
  • The heating system is each apartment block is generally communal, and each user has to pay towards it as their part of the contribution.
  • Turkey has a modern telephone network with digital exchanges in most areas. If you wish to get a new connection, your request will be processed within a period of 2-3 days.
  • Cable television is readily available is most areas from the Telephone Department district office. English language channels include Swedish, Norwegian, and German programs.
  • While there is mains gas in most of the cities in Turkey, other places have the access to gas canisters. These canisters are usually distributed for free, but in some rural areas you may have to buy them from petrol stations.
  • Though, water is supplied through mains in Turkey, if there is some place where this facility is not available, water tankers are delivered to such places. Most people prefer to have bottled water in Turkey.

For questions or concerns, do not hesitate to Contact us.

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